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I appreciate Harriet’s calm, reflective, centered way of being. As our Contemplative Service Team Leader in our faith community, and as retreat facilitator and InterPlay leader, she creates an atmosphere of trust, confidence, support, empowerment and playfulness, just by being who she is! She has helped me and, I am sure, others to be more open to exploring ways of being present to ourselves and especially to our bodies.
Barbara Kendziorski
Educator, Friend

Harriet and Trudy, attract such wonderful people to the Listening retreats! The InterPlay exercises got me out of my head and into my body in a way I’ve never experienced before – a visceral experience that has stayed with me. The retreat was thoughtful, fun, replenishing and very well planned.  I’ll go to these retreats again and again!
Jane Spalding

Thank you for the workshop sooo much!  It was refreshing and deep without getting bogged down in emotional content, talking, seriousness, etc!
Leah Mann

Harriet and I have been members of Group Health hospice and palliative care teams for the past 3 years. She shows an audacious willingness to do things that are a little on the edge which is an inspiration to me! She is inspired by her work with InterPlay, which seems to support her bringing her own internal melody to the work and inspires others to create their own. Harriet and I planned and co-led a workshop last summer called Renew, Recharge and Refresh. Taking her lead we decided to introduce InterPlay principles to a church retreat for seniors. In preparation we worked together over several months to imagine what was possible and how to introduce this special kind of play. She brought a quiet confidence and joy to the planning and the execution of this workshop that assured me from the start that it would be a success, which it was indeed. Harriet brings a personal warmth to each person she meets that cannot fail to bring out their best. I consider her a treasured friend and am already generating ideas to work with her again in the future.
Steve Smith MD
Board certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Harriet, you are indeed a most skilled and gracious leader!  Your care and thoughtfulness to each moment and each person shines through.  I loved hearing you sing “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” along with your shruti box!! Wow!
Retreat Participant