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Tracking Our Spiritual Paths

Harriet Platts "A  Map of Your Spiritual Journey in Image, Story and SongI’m thrilled to be facilitating the retreat, A Map of Your Spiritual Journey in Image, Story, and Song, for the women of Seattle First Baptist as well as for other women seekers interested in reflecting on women’s spiritual development, who’s responsible for it, and to explore the language/metaphors that represent our journey over time!

The subject area of spiritual development is of great interest to me, and it is a privilege to be collaborating with Rev. Catherine Fransson, Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Seattle First, in this retreat experience. I believe that the actual words/metaphors we use to conceptualize our spiritual journey, reflect the ways in which we make sense of our experience, and can even effect the arc of the journey itself.

In addition to lecture, discussion, and small groups, we’ll be creating group maps and personal maps as we explore ways to name parts of our spiritual journeys.  As we learn and listen together about women’s spiritual development, share curiosity about ownership of the journey as well as explore our growing edges, I trust we will gather new insights, clarity, and renewal to continue to live and grow toward greater fullness and freedom!

You do not have to be directly connected to a faith community of any kind to participate.  All earnest women seekers are welcome!  You might think about sharing this experience with a friend!

For more retreat details or to register, please download this pdf: 2013 Woman’s Retreat.


Ordain Candle - Harriet Platts

In Honor of the Blessing

Even through all the sorting, releasing, and theological deconstructing of the last decade, I’m conserving the blessing of my ordination offered to me by the Crescent Hill Baptist Church community in Louisville, KY, 19 years ago, March 20th. This blessing was offered in faith, that I would continue along my path of conducting a free and responsible search for truth and meaning, encouraging me to love my self well, and to work compassionately in the pastoral care of others, with Jesus as an inspiration and teacher.  Though I no longer call “Baptist” home, it is with a deep heart of gratitude that I continue to serve in a multifaith ministry role as a hospice chaplain, with my best intentions of embodying the “beacon of freedom’s light,” for all those I have the privilege of serving.

Ordination Blessing

May God bless you with the myriad colors of Her playful wisdom, teaching you to honor the best that is within you, and to carry the beacon of freedom’s light to Her people everywhere.


LIGHTS ON! Arts/Inquiry-Based Spiritual Care

Welcome to my new website!  I am doing something here that feels a bit risky in that I am showing you how I am creating through service.  I want to introduce a picture of what arts/inquiry-based spiritual care can look like, and how it is emerging in my practice.  Obviously, the words will too often come up short in translating what can best be experienced directly, but I’m too curious to give up trying.

I am a classically trained, experienced chaplain. Throughout my career, I have served in healthcare, educational and faith institutions, undergoing significant change and transition.  Some of my best work has been right at the intersections of change, where I stand with colleagues in solidarity and support, as we seek ways to lead in integrity with our shared vision-passion for serving others with distinction.  The unfolding path of ministry is providing opportunity to witness and to participate in co-creating and nurturing artful, soulful ways to serve in the world.

Thank you for your interest!  I welcome hearing from you!