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Urban Quest Field Note #33: Relational seed beds for questing in urban areas

Harriet:  When I think about urban questing, I link it with continued pursuit of the TRUE Self, or native self, which is soul.  I understand it as a tool, a way for people to leverage a threshold into another way of being.  I’m imagining there are lots of ways people can practice ‘questing’ at home in their neighborhood.  This is my curiosity edge. It’s not that I’m not open to having a traditional, formal quest experience, but at the moment I’m curious…I feel like I’m already on quest…

Krystyna:   We all are.  As we say at the end of quest, ‘Okay, now you’ve completed a quest, now you are returning to the quest [of life].  Your curiosity, calling on the ‘structure,’ ‘architecture,’ or ‘ecology,’ into your awareness, your body based practices like InterPlay, all those you have already been reading, Campbell, Estes, they have entered your vocabulary and are supporting you to realize the nature of questing.  Curiosity is an expression of questing…Questioning…as questing. 

2/8/16 – Original Draft

 Krystyna J. eventually became a formal quest quide for me in late winter 2015.

Urban Quest Practice:  Know where you are.  Know who’s with you.  BE where you are.

Krystyna and Madeline, 2015

Cynthia Winton-Henry, 2015, Hidden Monastery