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Urban Quest Field Note: Do I love the land enough yet?

What does organic have to do with a spiritual journey to reconnect with the natural world?  Vandana Shiva, soil conservationist and organic farming activist of India, writes, “Organic farming is the answer to drought and climate change.  If we do not respect the soil and if we do not recommit ourselves to ahimsa, we can rapidly disintegrate as a civilization.” *

What does ahimsa mean?  Ahimsa, in the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain traditions, refers to the principle of non-violence toward all living things.

I confess that in the past I have not lived mindfully in relation to the land. I have not wakefully considered the reasons for supporting the growth and consumption of organic foods.  The concept of ahimsa, the notion of mindfully considering the necessity of recycling organic matter – nutrients, as a means of being in peaceful, harmonious relationship with the earth, is relatively new to me.  Albert Howard writes about the spirit of the Law of Return, “Taking without giving is a robbery of the soil and a banditry; a particularly mean form of banditry, because it involves the robbing of future generations which are not here to defend themselves.”

So what to think of this?  I feel quickened in consciousness to continue to evaluate my living, my relationship to the land by looking more closely at what I consume, the places where my food and other things I purchase come from. Up next to my conscience and my base sense of willingness to consider these things, I ask of myself, do I love the land enough yet to care about the balance needed?  Do I care – enough, love – enough yet… to change my behavior toward the land?


*A Soil Pilgrimage, 10.8.15  The Asian Age