This is an open, creative space designated for playful experimentation. It is my hope to share expressions of my visual art as well as art created in relation to the various inquiry projects I am up to. Enjoy! - hp

Spring Babbling Vocal Experiment

We Behold the Gift of Life

A brave clutch of women retreat participants from University Unitarian dashed into the woods to make this improvised take of a Velma Frye song, Being Awake. I found videotaping and song-directing to be a bit of a dance, nevertheless, it was a great joy to co-create IN THE MOMENT. Enjoy!

Set the clock of your heart.

Breathe in the dawn.
Lift high the chalice of your life, taste the joy the joy of being awake!
This video-slideshow is an experiment in combining original music with my visual art. The song was conceptualized in late spring, and has been shared in several venues since then. As the development of my website evolves, I’m discovering new ways to ‘play with ideas,’ share and inspire others through combining forms of expression, i.e. music and visual art.

"Dancing Heart 2 Heart"

Chowan Chowan River: Harriet Platts singing in nature

Sending love to friends across the globe marrying with a dance in their honor.
This is an improvisational exploration of singing in nature, and sharing story about my vocal roots.