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may2013flierJoin us for this half-day, spring retreat where through movement, storytelling, singing, connecting with others, and just being, we’ll inquire into what we KNOW as embodied creatures about making promises.

May 4th

10:00 – 3:00

Seattle First Baptist Church

~A light lunch will be provided~
To register, call church office at
FREE Event!

Through storytelling, movement, singing, stillness, and connecting, we’ll explore:

~What we “know” in our bodies as individuals and as a community about making promises
~The nourishing benefits of play that support healthy communities
~Your desire for fuller connection with self and others

You may download and print the flier here.

Patricia Doheny is a member of Seattle First Baptist, has practiced and taught InterPlay since 2006, teaches Creative and memoir writing at Des Moines Sr. Ctr, and uses the tools of InterPlay in her Clown Care work and retreat leading. She recently led InterPlay at the 2013 SFBC late winter retreat.

Rev. Harriet Platts, MS, MDiv, MA, works as a chaplain, artist, and teacher. As a spiritual care provider in healthcare settings for over 15 years, she nurtures relationships of trust for meaningful self-exploration and person inquiry. As an artist and InterPlay teacher, she invites people into deepened/ truer connections with self and others through curiosity and play. She currently serves as a Spiritual Counselor with Group Health Hospice.

(The topic of promise has been inspired in part by the subject matter of the book, “A House for Hope,” written by Drs. John Buehrens and Rebecca Parker. Dr. Parker will be giving the Rodney Romney Legacy Lecture at Seattle First Baptist, on May 11th, and preaching on May 12th.)


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