Rev. Harriet Platts, MS, MDiv, MA

I am a healthcare chaplain, artist, and teacher. I hold graduate degrees in counseling, pastoral care, whole systems design, and education. Over the last 20 years, the privilege of serving in renowned healthcare institutions including Duke University Medical Center, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Group Health Cooperative has afforded me rich experiences in working with multicultural – multifaith populations of patient/families and colleagues. In 1995, I received the P. Wesley Aitken Pastoral Care Award from the Pastoral Care Department of Duke University Medical Center. The scope of my chaplaincy ministry includes oncology, bone marrow transplantation, palliative care/hospice and mental health/addiction. I am an ordained protestant clergy (American Baptist) since 1994.

A native of North Carolina, I grew up in a Baptist church that was and (still is) ordaining women as deacons. There my spiritual seeking and love of music were ignited and nurtured within my faith community. Having begun my love affair with music at age 2, I make music now, primarily as a singer. My natural sense of rhythm and harmony were realized literally at the foot of my father. I also bring my natural curiosity about life and people into my visual art as a photographer, and am playing with emergent projects of combining visual and musical art.

I have a certificate in Organizational Systems Renewal (2003) from Antioch University. I engaged this area of study in whole systems design and organizational systems renewal because it became apparent that this was a necessity for my own wellbeing to learn to serve individuals and institutions in a sustainable manner. Through my career, I have worked in healthcare, educational and faith institutions, undergoing significant change and transition. I feel tendered and humbled that this has been my path thus far, to be both a participant and a witness during such times. Some of my best work has been right at these intersections of change, where I can stand with my colleagues in solidarity and support, as we continue to seek ways to lead in integrity with our shared vision-passion for serving our clients with distinction. The unfolding path of my ministry provides opportunity to witness and participate in co-creating and nurturing artful, soulful ways to serve in the world.

I also hold certification as a teacher of InterPlay since 2004. InterPlay, as an arts-based practice building artistic skill, self-information, leadership ability and community, is the primary framework I use to blend spiritual care with art. My practice reflects my passion and gifts for cultivating relationships and spaces for curiosity, play and reflection. In facilitation of individual and group processes, I bring a reflective, energetic presence honed through years of deep listening. Sensitive to the inclusion of hidden parts of others, I am always exploring ways to invite people into greater fullness of their voice, their story, even their very physical being.

I live in Seattle with my husband, Fred Davis.

CV available on request.