Nurturing relationships and spaces
for curiosity, play and reflection.

Harriet Platts


I provide spiritual care as a chaplain, artist, and teacher.


Spiritual care involves:

Nurturing relationships of trust for meaningful self exploration – personal inquiry • Listening for the questions, hopes and resources you bring • Playing with both “deepening” and “lightening up,” as pathways for renewal and enhanced quality of life • Providing ritual that honors the
sacred spectrum of human experience


Who might be drawn?

Professional caregivers (those working in healthcare, mental health or parish-based work) who are inquiring about soul in their life and occupation • Faith communities and organizations desiring to foster spaces in which spiritual/existential questions can naturally arise and transformation can occur with ease and playfulness • Individual seekers asking deeper life questions, and/or wanting to explore the fullness of embodied expression as a human being through play






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